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Columbia Freight Systems Inc. Logo

Photography - Graphic Design

Due to the success of the Tool Belt Logo, Columbia Freight Systems Inc, a local logistics company located in Portland, OR, asked to make a similar logo for them using images taken throughout the company's main facility. Similar to Tool Belt's logo, the blue was used as a 
'Clipping Mask,' allows all images to fit perfectly, with a dark blue filter, representing the company's colors (blue, black, and white). 

Just Real Estate Logo.png
Mark Johnson Real ESTATE LOGO FOR Keller Williams Premier Partners - Vancouver, WA

Graphic Design Job

I was given the privilege to design a new logo for Mark Johnson, a recently added real estate agent for Keller Williams Premier Partners located in Vancouver, WA. The logo features the two primary colors of the company (red and black) while using Mark's initials for both his first and last name. 

Columbia Freight Systems Inc. Updated Website

Revamped Website Made Using Wix

As 2022 begins, I was tasked with re-constructing Columbia Freight Systems Inc's website from the ground up, for the new year.


In order to achieve this goal, the use of multiple online tools such as's online webpage builder and Adobe Photoshop were just a few of many necessary to construct a mature and modern revision of the website compared to the original, which did not receive an update as of 2001. All images were provided myself, with all text provided by the owner of CFS, after weeks of collaboration.

cfs website .png
Columbia Freight Systems Truck Safety & Driver Performance training learning management system
LMS page 2.png

Website Designed using Wix and Articulate 360

The purpose of this project was to create a Learning Management System (LMS) using, allowing CFS truck drivers to log with their account to successfully view updated safety precautions, road maps, and driver performance training videos. The LMS consists of monthly modules, with a total of twelve, one for each month of the year. 

The modules were designed using Articulate 360, a holistic suite of interconnected apps for all your e-learning needs. This allows Amalia Bellman, CFS' Corporate Compliance Manager, to have full viewing access to each driver's progress to complete each module. Amalia then presents each driver's success to their insurance company, thus bringing CFS' satisfactory rating down

Crochet A Day Logo

Graphic Design using Adobe Photoshop

I had the privilege of creating a logo for a small company called 'Crochet A Day.' The company owner wanted the logo style to look "hand-drawn," with the company's name at the bottom left. The design is similar to a daisy, with the flower's center made from yarn and the petals designed as crochet sticks. The owner was delighted by the logo, creating posters, social media accounts, and business cards featuring the logo. 

YCN WATCH Trees Poster Size.png
YCN Watch Fire Logo Poster Size.png

2D Design using Adobe Photoshop

Joseph Stipan at BeepingNerds Design created two new logos for a Facebook group called 'YCN Watch.' This group is dedicated to alerting those who live in the PNW on any car accidents, weather reports, or forest fires to keep us all safe. This group has over 60 THOUSAND USERS! It was a huge honor to create these logos for them, and the feedback I've received from the followers is fantastic!

YCN Watch Logo
The Remedy Massage

Made with Illustration

Designed for Daniel Bickham, a recent small business owner of The Remedy Massage located in Vancouver, WA. Daniel required a new logo that fit his company and his personality.

This project involved much discussion between Daniel and me, resulting in an outstanding design that Daniel is proud to have represent his business.

Remedy Poster Idea 2.png
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